About Niki Barr

I am a professional musician, fitness freak, food crazed, work-a-holic, travel junky.

I started playing music at the age of 15.  I’ve toured over 30 countries, released 8 records, and 30+ music videos, including our own versions of popular songs, which we filmed in our living room and ingeniously titled the Living Room Sessions.  I even started my own clothing line in 2005, Neurotica Clothing (yup… the name for this blog), but only got as far as releasing our bands’ merchandise.  I’m a busy girl.

The only thing I have yet to do is start a blog.  Why now?  Well, I feel as though I’ve reached a point in my life where I still continue to learn, but I’ve just maybe obtained enough knowledge and passion for things in life that I think are worth sharing with others.  A blog also gives me yet another outlet for creative self-expression and let’s face it… it just seems like a fun thing to do.

Welcome to the life and times of Niki Barr.

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