Are Fitness Trackers Really All That?

fit trackers

At one point in time, I came really close to buying one of these. After comparing them all, I realized my old fashioned Polar Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap is really all I need and it’s the most accurate. I use mine primarily to watch my heart rate as I’m working out.  If I’m doing an intense leg exercise, I’ll often rest a little longer if it seems to be taking a while for me to recover.  It’s also helpful for pacing long, steady runs.  I know I can run for miles if I keep my heart rate in the right zone.  Other than that, I don’t really see a need to track everything I do.  Then again, I’m usually on my feet all day, so I don’t need the reminder to get up.  For desk workers, the reminder to get moving could be mighty motivational!

I did read an article recently about a study in which scientists will work on designing “sustainable sensors to detect lactate levels in sweat and predict muscle fatigue… Predictive models could be built to potentially help prevent conditions related to individual overexertion. [Read the Article]” Now, we’re talking!  There’s so much more to learn about our bodies and how technology can help us get healthier and fitter and I can’t wait for what’s in store for the future.  We are only scraping the surface!

Here’s another article to check out, which inspired this post:

Is any one using one of these trackers?  Are you actually paying attention to your daily stats? Do you find it helpful?  Comment below.

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