May I Have this Dance?

Peach Flowy Summer Dress

A friend of mine who works at a radio station near Milwaukee posted on Facebook that he wants to take me Ballroom Dancing (I accept, Guy!).  The funny thing is, I was a dancer for many years (11 to be exact).  Before I picked up the guitar, I was in tap and ballet shoes.  I miss performing dance, but I suppose I still find a way to get my dance fix on stage at shows.  When it’s in season, you can find me watching So You Think You Can Dance (#guiltypleasure).  Now you know why there are dancers in our Rush video.  It certainly wasn’t Scott’s idea.

I’ve had this peach dress in my closet for so long and have yet to wear it.  It was a thrift store find and the shoes came from Uptown Cheapskate, a local consignment chain.  I’m ready for a do-si-do barn dance.

Get this look:

Peach Flowy Summer Dress


Dig this tune…

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