The Heat is On

I love Baltimore, but our summers can be brutal!  It’s an aching 95 degrees right now and we live in an old house with no ac, except for a window unit in the bedrooms.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep, otherwise.  I’m used to it, though.  I grew up in an old house on the eastern shore of Maryland.  We relied on window fans and sleeping buck naked to keep cool.  My parents eventually put in a pool.  Over the years, my mom has turned the outside of the house into an epic garden, complete with a resort-like pool.  At some point, I’ll share some photos with you of her Better Homes and Gardens garden.

One of my favorite local thrift stores (and one you’ll hear me mention often on this blog) is called Savers.  The last time I stopped in there, I picked up some great finds, including what I’m wearing in this photo.  This is my, “chill on the porch with a cocktail” look.

Get this look:



















Enjoy this jam…

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