Lift Heavy, Ladies

  The phrase I hear most from women is “I want to get toned, but I don’t want to bulk up.”  You may have heard this a million times, but I’m going to confirm it once again… looking like a bodybuilder is practically impossible for the average woman who lifts weights and eats well.  Without an […]

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Simple Summer Pasta

Lunch is always a quick-fix for me.  I’m usually keeping busy during the day, so I don’t have much prep time, nor do I want to spend time cooking.  I’ll spend maybe one day cooking then just pair up a protein with some carbs (veggies, fruit and/or starch).  A brand new Aldi just opened near […]

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May I Have this Dance?

Peach Flowy Summer Dress

A friend of mine who works at a radio station near Milwaukee posted on Facebook that he wants to take me Ballroom Dancing (I accept, Guy!).  The funny thing is, I was a dancer for many years (11 to be exact).  Before I picked up the guitar, I was in tap and ballet shoes.  I miss performing […]

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Extreme Workouts: Crossfit’s Health Hazards

Extreme Fitness

I used to do extreme workouts and I have a bad shoulder because of it. I’d work until fatigue, lose my form, and end up with overuse injuries. Stick to basics… interval cardio and strength training sessions. Lift heavy, with good form, and REST in between sets. Check out the article: CrossFit’s health hazards:From detached […]

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