Lift Heavy, Ladies

  The phrase I hear most from women is “I want to get toned, but I don’t want to bulk up.”  You may have heard this a million times, but I’m going to confirm it once again… looking like a bodybuilder is practically impossible for the average woman who lifts weights and eats well.  Without an […]

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Are Fitness Trackers Really All That?

At one point in time, I came really close to buying one of these. After comparing them all, I realized my old fashioned Polar Heart Rate Monitor with chest strap is really all I need and it’s the most accurate. I use mine primarily to watch my heart rate as I’m working out.  If I’m doing […]

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Extreme Workouts: Crossfit’s Health Hazards

Extreme Fitness

I used to do extreme workouts and I have a bad shoulder because of it. I’d work until fatigue, lose my form, and end up with overuse injuries. Stick to basics… interval cardio and strength training sessions. Lift heavy, with good form, and REST in between sets. Check out the article: CrossFit’s health hazards:From detached […]

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