Extreme Workouts: Crossfit’s Health Hazards

Extreme Fitness

I used to do extreme workouts and I have a bad shoulder because of it. I’d work until fatigue, lose my form, and end up with overuse injuries. Stick to basics… interval cardio and strength training sessions. Lift heavy, with good form, and REST in between sets. Check out the article: CrossFit’s health hazards:From detached […]

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Ginger A$$

Not quite a ginger mule, so let’s go with “Ass”. Yeah, I know it’s a stereotype, but it’s the truth – I like to drink. So, I’m kicking off my blog in true rockstar fashion – with a cocktail. This isn’t a spring break, get happy-hour wasted on rail-riffic “I shouldn’t have drank that” kind […]

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About Niki Barr

I am a professional musician, fitness freak, food crazed, work-a-holic, travel junky. I started playing music at the age of 15.  I’ve toured over 30 countries, released 8 records, and 30+ music videos, including our own versions of popular songs, which we filmed in our living room and ingeniously titled the Living Room Sessions.  I even started my own […]

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