Simple Summer Pasta

Lunch is always a quick-fix for me.  I’m usually keeping busy during the day, so I don’t have much prep time, nor do I want to spend time cooking.  I’ll spend maybe one day cooking then just pair up a protein with some carbs (veggies, fruit and/or starch).  A brand new Aldi just opened near […]

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May I Have this Dance?

Peach Flowy Summer Dress

A friend of mine who works at a radio station near Milwaukee posted on Facebook that he wants to take me Ballroom Dancing (I accept, Guy!).  The funny thing is, I was a dancer for many years (11 to be exact).  Before I picked up the guitar, I was in tap and ballet shoes.  I miss performing […]

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The Heat is On

I love Baltimore, but our summers can be brutal!  It’s an aching 95 degrees right now and we live in an old house with no ac, except for a window unit in the bedrooms.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep, otherwise.  I’m used to it, though.  I grew up in an old house on the […]

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